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Family Law

Why Hire an Attorney?

A family law attorney can streamline the process by ensuring proper filing of forms, service, communication with parties and the court, and management of the case.  The court does have a facilitators office to assist with forms.  There are self-help websites, and even self-help links on the Court website.  Depending on the assets, debts, and issues involved, you may consider proceeding on your own.  We will be here if you need us.  However, we may have to redo (amend) some or all of what you wanted to accomplish.  Best to give us a call for a free brief consult.


We are settlement oriented, within reason.  We approach every case with the hope and effort to settle, and often do.  Remember that you often have a direct interest in the finances involved and that there is a cost of doing business to both sides.  Many family law attorneys, and in North County San Diego in particular, work to problem solve - and by doing so maintain a full case load of hourly billing on many cases.  These well established attorneys have longstanding professional relationships and are known to the Judges, all of which are beneficial to their clients.  Some cases can be destined for the courtroom for a variety of reasons that you and Attorney Lacy would discuss, and then decide together.


Litigation is often necessary to some extent.  Very few cases ultimately go to full trial with witnesses, oral testimony, presentation of exhibits, and the lawyers orally objecting and the Judge presiding over it all.  In family law we frequently have "hearings" which are short appearances in court to argue issues of custody, support, and domestic violence.  Family law is a "bench trial" meaning no jury and only a Judge hearing argument and making orders.

Your Lawyer, The Bodyguard

It is often in everyone's best interest to retain a lawyer.  The job of a family law attorney is a complicated one.  In the legal community there is a saying: "Criminal Law sees the worst people on their best behavior, and Family Law sees the best people on their worst behavior."  There is often a lot of emotion involved and complex issues.  Sometimes we protect you from them and sometimes we protect you from you.

Our Firm

Historical Trust and Experience


Greenman, Lacy, Klein, Hinds, Weiser is the largest and oldest law  firm in Oceanside. Practicing in the areas of Family Law, Estate  Planning, Probate, Trust Administration, Business, Real Estate,  Bankruptcy and Civil Litigation.

Industry Recognition


Our attorneys are highly skilled  professionals who practice law with passion and integrity and provide  our clients with outstanding service. 

Greenman, Lacy, Klein, Hinds, Weiser comprises attorneys who have  been recognized by numerous industry, peer and media groups, including:  Martindale-Hubbell’s highest ranking of AV Preeminent® as well as  inclusion in the Best Lawyers in America©, San Diego Super Lawyers© and  San Diego Magazine’s Top Lawyers Best in the City© lists.

Community Involvement

Our lawyers are involved with far too many community organizations, events, and charities to list here.  The important takeaway is that our clients are also our neighbors and fellow citizens.  You were likely referred to us by someone you know.  Our online presence confirms our existence, the personal referrals confirm our competence, compassion, and results.

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